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Extend your payment universe, cross barriers and save on overhead. Designed for both retail users and merchant clients.

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Absolutely Free

No hidden costs, no account fees. A true, pay-as-you-go payment experience.

Instant Payment

Each payment is tranparent and trackable, and secured by your wallet.

Mobile Onboarding

Opening an account with us takes just minutes, directly from your mobile.

Next Generation Payments

Without complex blockchain addresses, Fiat24 makes the blockchain payments hassle-free and in real-time.

Accept Money from Multiple Channels

Top-up your account easily from peers, your banks, and crypto.

NFT is your Account

Without password or SMS, simply put the account NFT into your wallet and all the services are accessible to you.


Everything is included - no hidden fees, no complication

Tourist Clients

No Hidden Costs. Absolutely Free
  • Account # starts with 1 - 7
  • CHF Cash Account
  • USD Cash Account
  • EUR Cash Account
  • GBP Cash Account
  • No Registration Required
  • Balance limit

Individual Standard

  • Account # starts with 1 - 7
  • CHF Cash Account
  • USD Cash Account
  • EUR Cash Account
  • GBP Cash Account
  • Peer-to-Peer Pay
  • No Transaction Limit
  • Global Cash Withdrawals

Business Standard

Commission For Each Incoming Payment
  • Account # starts with 8
  • CHF Cash Account
  • USD Cash Account
  • EUR Cash Account
  • GBP Cash Account
  • Peer-to-Peer Pay
  • No Transaction Limit
  • Global Cash Withdrawals

You know where your money is

Our platform is totally built on cutting-edge DLT technologies. This guarantees 100% correct bookings of all your transactions, transparency, mitigates operational risks, and keeps 24/7 tracking of your money.

All your assets are safe-kept in your hand. All Fiat24 transactions need to be authorised in your mobile wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for an account?

Everyone is welcome to try our services as a Tourist. If you want to become a Standard user, we require only your passport with RFID chip, so-called ePassport. However, at the moment we only serve citizens and residents from a group of selected countries.

What is required for account opening?

First, an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask need to be installed in your mobile. To acquire an account number, you must have small amount of Ether in your wallet. For individuals, the whole account opening process is done with your mobile.

Individual Account vs. Business Account

Indvidual account numbers start with 1 to 7, while Business account number only starts with 8. We charge 0.55% for each payment to Business account, while for Individual account is free. Individual can register with mobile, but Business account can only be activated by our client desk.

Which currencies do we support?

We provide Cash Accounts in Euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF), US Dollar (USD) and British Pound (GBP) for free.

Are there limits on an individual account?

It depends on your account level. Tourist clients are allowed to send and receive up to 1000 CHF (or 1080 USD) equivalent of cash in 30 days, while Standard Individuals or Businesss Clients have a high higer limits.

Can I withdraw cash to any bank accounts?

Yes, as long as the accounts are yours. According to Swiss/EU Anti-Money-Laudering regulations, the cash can only be withdrawn to a bank account under your own name. Kindly remember that we charge a fee for each withdrawal.

How can I top-up my account?

All clients can send money by peer-2-peer or by traditional wire transfer (SEPA or SWIFT). In early 2022, we will activate Stablecoin top-up function to all users.

How is the exchange rate calculated?

Our trading system has direct links to the major exchange platforms worldwide and provides you with the best execution possibilities.

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